I just finished reviewing Practical Unix & Internet Security - 3rd Edition for my site.

I thought the 2nd Ediiton was great, but the information was outdated at this point. The essential concepts of Information Security may not change but the technology, tactics and techniques used make quantum leaps over a couple year span.

While the book is written with a Unix focus (hence the name ) the concepts and techniques should be known by anyone tasked with Information Security even on Windows machines.

The book is almost 1000 pages so its not a light read, but I think it is a great resource and I keep my copy handy on my desk. It is not written as a CISSP study-guide, but I think if anyone had a grasp of the information in this book they should be able to pass an exam like the CISSP.

I highly recommend this book.

For those who are interested in reading my full review at my About.com site, click here: Practical Unix & Internet Security