Hey guys,

well, its been a bout a week and i havent posted much. i have noticed that the main forum isnt changing much but that might be due to the fact that some forums got ripped from there...anyways,

i just wanted to share some stuff with you that i often ponder about. now, this can range from movies, to government conspiracies, so we will see where the conversation steers...


Has anyone ever woken up at like, say, 7am. and gone back to sleep for what seems like hours, but when you look at the clock its on 7:02am.... that happened to me this morning, i felt like i slept for ages but when i looked at the clock... two minutes later i still felt like crap...

hmm, i have been watching alot of movies lately, and the matrix re-animated and matrix 3 have been advertising on tv. they dont come out till may and november respectivly, but still i cant wait. and i spose this comment has a little to do with everything, aliens for example. but have any of you wondered about some movies, i mean, i often think that most of the movies about aliens, and the matrix is a good one, is just another atempt to pull the wool over our eyes, by actually showing us the truth. and by showing us the truth, it becomes more sureal as if it could never happen. i sometimes wake up and think of the matrix and just wonder if it was true. have any of you felt like this. there are heaps of examples around.

o yea, i got my new USB flash drive today. one of the new ones out.. hehe. i dont have a url for it but i will describe it:

its a 128Mb (not much i know, but read on) and its a mp3 player and a fm radio player all in one. it has a nice blue backlit display for the mp3 times etc, its actually pretty kool. yes, it has batteries so you can play mp3 and listen to the radia without having a computer.

hmm, what else to talk about....

well, i live in perth western australia, and we have been having some wikid storms today, and they are going to continue and get worse over the weekend so it should be fun... until the power goes out and i cant use my computer **Runs to by 10 generators**

well, i guess that about does it for me. this actually is a general chit chat post, and i know its not security related...but it could be...depending on your outlook

im sure you can all add your own tid bits and have fun... keep it real...hehe, always wanted to say that...keep it real. :P LOL