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    Question What should I expect form BSD

    I'm a long time Linux user (relatively?! about 2 years), so I know my way around the Linux system. I'm really curious about BSD, and I plan to install it this weekend. I'm not gonna ask 'what is the best distro' because I'm gonna go w/ FreeBSD since it seems like a nice standard to me. What I'd like to know though, is what should I expect from BSD. I'm pretty much able to do everying in Linux that I can do in Windows. (besides playing certain games). What about BSD. Can I run LimeWire? Can I listen to MP3? What about the GUI? Basically for you who have used both OS's, my question is: How am I going to have to adjust to BSD coming from Linux?

    thanx for you time!

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    You can do anything in BSD that you can in Linux. Most linux proggies are compatible with BSD. If you install "linux binary compatibility". It should prompt you upon install for that, so no worries.

    Enjoy. BSD kicks some butt. I wish I had more time to dedicate to learning it better, alas, I have to make a living and take care of the family first.....
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    It's unix like like linux is, but a bit more. The installation is textbased, but pretty easy. You know the terminology and stuff, so that should be a big deal. There's xwindows and kde and all the stuuf available so the GUI won't give any problems. There's a few little differences "under the hood", but I think if you knew your way in linux, it won't be a big adventure to find those things out. You'll have to get used to a few things if you often use the console, but that's almost like changing a distro. You get used to everything and you won't know any better.
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