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Thread: GO USA and UK

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    GO USA and UK

    I know this is in the wrong post but I want everyone to see this:

    I would like to personally thank the troops of the USA and UK for liberating another country from an evil dictator!!!

    To all those people from many different countries who were opposed to the war, HOW DO FEEL KNOWING THAT YOU WERE DENYING PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO LIVE FREELY.

    I see many sigantures on this website have antiwar messages and lambast the leaders of the UK and USA. You should hold your head down in shame. As usual, you people were very uniformed from your government and state media.

    The USA rules and thank you the UK and the other countries that could see this ordeal as it really was.

    God Bless the USA!!!!!!

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    You sir are the uninformed one. The Us Goverment is the one that supported saddam in the 80's up until 1991 when he decided to invade another country. even then we push for non serious war crimes in stead of high war crimes. Every media corporation tells you what a monster saddam is because he gassed his own country but no one tells you that the us stepped up support to him directly after that crime. it is true this man is a psycho but we need not applued the US goverment for fixing what they broke. Hear that. I am in no way supporting Saddam or his goverment. I think that the war was going to happen at some time it just shouldnt be touted as such a glorious feat. we say that we have been trying to get peace in the middle east but the last 2 wars there have been at our hands. We have been vetoing the saudie peace treaty in the UN since 1976. I do not the news is not even paying attention to the dire economic needs of this country or even anything happing in North Korea.

    *Steps off soap Box.

    God Bless The USA
    (We Need it)
    God save the President and his fascist regime!

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    You sir! Are absolutely correct. There are way to many antiwar supporters out there. They are not helping are troops any. THese people are trying to block shipments of supplies to our troops. If they oppose the War so strongly then let them go over there for a couple years and see if they like it.

    I thank our troops and allies for helping to rid the world of such a tyrant.

    The last war we fought there Mr. Bert was to help Kuwait from being overun from Saddam. We should of taken him out then but didn't. Now we are taking this chance to help the Iraqui people start a better life, and a better country.

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