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Thread: us and Uk (open Your mind.)

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    us and Uk (open Your mind.)

    Apperently there are a lot of close minded individuals here.


    that was a thread that i got in on. and it got closed due to the fact that people assign points for opions. i assianed no points one way or the other on that one. But yet the whole thing tanked. apprently i need to find a more open forum. one that is not so censered by pople who do not see both sides of things.

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    One of those threads (there were three similar threads by the time I got here... that's probably one of the reasons for the negging) is now in Cosmos. I'll move this one there as well, so you can discuss it there.

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    I'm one of the ones who dished out some negs for the original thread, because of this statement:
    I know this is in the wrong post but I want everyone to see this:
    This user deliberately posted his political views in the wrong forum so it would show up on the front page. The reason GCC, Cosmos, and other forums were pulled from the main page was specifically to prevent that kind of stuff from detracting from the site's security/technical focus. I told the user exactly why I was doing it, and it had nothing to do with any opinions expressed. It was an abuse of the forums in my view.
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    MrBert I'm not agree with your previous post (the one who was closed) but I'm agree with this one. I've got neg points and insult only because I'm french. Assigning neg points for this kind of reason, only because you think differently is a dictatorship (and that's what they claim to condemn)

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