It has come to my attention that SOMEONE on this thread asked that President Bush and his facist regime be saved by God. Our country is not run by a facist regime. In a facist regime, people are executed based solely on nationality, race, or religion. In our society, even idiots who seem to have gained nothing from their education, are allowed to speak out. However, they must be restricted and sometimes shot with rubber bullets (which I do not think are hard enough) when they start to interfere with the rights of other people. This includes tresspassing, blocking traffic, and causing damage to property.
On a different note, I think that Novell NetWare has become insignificant for most purposes. Even Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Server version is more advanced than the newest version of NetWare for many purposes. Developing and using software for Windows is much easier, there are much more applications available, Windows NT and its relatives (2000, XP Pro, .net) are far more reliable than NetWare, NTFS is much more advanced and configurable than any NetWare system, Microsoft offers more frequent security updates than Novell, and Windows offers much more flexibility and compatability than Novell with other computers and network services.