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    2 questions

    1-How can i get rid of thos annoying popups, specially those of kazaa, 4EVER???

    2-i have two pcs running XP sharing a DSL modem. One PC is connected via USB and the other one is connected by the ethernet card.

    The question is: is there any way to limit the bandwith of one PC so the other has most or all of the bandwith????

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    Use kazaalite. www.kazaalite.com No popups, no adware, no spyware.

    You could try winroute, I'm not sure if it has bandwidth management, but that's probably a good place to start.
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    Use Kazza lite like Korpdeath suggested.

    As far as the bandwith restriction I've never heard of anything that will limit the bandwith. There might be a way to, but I'm not sure.

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    for bandwidth limiting you should check out www.bandwidthcontroller.com. It is in early Beta and It is a 30 day trial, ($49.95)

    Ive heard both good and bad things about It, but Its the only one I've found for win32 that will actually do the job.
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    I've heard you can stop those popups from wasting your bandwidth and taking time to load by figureing out there ip address then entering it in the host file(located in windows folder).

    Don't know about the bandwidth, but if you want to have one pc useing it all then why not just unplug the other?
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