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Thread: XP builtin firewall settings

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    XP builtin firewall settings

    well there are so many software firewalls that i canīt decide, so iīm going to use the xp firwall.
    However iīve read that frwalls are useles if not set up properly...the question is wich is the optimal settings for a DSL modem ????


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    Your settings would not (to my knowledge) depend on your connection type. I recommend downloading Zone Alarm instead of using XP's firewall. XP Firewall is like any other MS product - crap at best.

    Download Zone Alarm, set it up, then go to a security site that will scan your comp (don't know of any offhand). That will tell you how well you are secured.

    Hope this helps,


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    I wouldn't employ XPs firewall, especially with all of the much better and free choices out there. As for the security site, the info that I've gleaned from others says that depending on the site, it might be checking for settings that are default on its product, thus not providing much reliable info. However, if you want one, there is one at Norton's site, http://security.symantec.com/ssc/hom...RVWHFHMFNZMBBX

    Here are some places with free firewalls:

    http://www.zonelabs.com/store/conten...jsp?lid=nav_za http://soho.sygate.com/products/shield_ov.htm

    As for the proper settings, most of the defaults will probably be sufficient, and any other info you need can be found either in the help files or someplace out on the net, like here--this place has been truly invaluable to me

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    The Windows XP firewall only blocks incoming traffic and leaves some Microsoft holes open.

    Blocking outbound traffic is just as important. If you get hit somehow with a worm, virus or Trojan that attempts to open ports and communicate out you need to detect that.

    A program like Zone Alarm also watches services and alerts you when a program tries to interact with the system.

    The Windows XP firewall is like having a one-way door for your main entrance, but leaving some windows open. Other software firewalls are more like having 24/7 guards sitting at the doors and the windows to ensure nothing gets in or out without your knowledge and permission.

    I use Zone Alarm Pro. If you do a search for firewalls you will find many threads with many opinions. No matter whether someone prefers Zone Alarm, Sygate, Outpost or any other firewall, I think most will be unanimous in stating that the built-in Windows XP firewall is like having no security at all.

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    I was thinking... (watch out for the smoke... don't inhale too much )

    It can't hurt to use the XP firewall... especially if you are on a corp network where they don't want to shell out loot for every workstation to have its own firewall. Just make sure you allow for incoming service packs, patches and antivirus updates...

    I mean, you kill all the services, lock down the box(permissions and such), install AV, kill file/print, disable netbios, etc...

    Why not use something that is there for free**?

    I can't think of any downside to it... but its getting late... so I'm not making any promises that I'm making sense.

    Now, if you are at home... there are plenty of free* firewalls that you can use because it is for non-commercial use only.

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    I recommend that you utilize both the WinXP firewall application and download ZoneAlarm. Like many have said the XP firewall will provide some protection but not much. ZoneAlarm will allow you to choose what programs you want to allow access to the internet and which ones not to allow which should help you to notice if your system has been compromised by a trojan/virus. It also gives you the ability to monitor any scanning activity on your IP.

    Now just because you have a firewall does not mean that you do not need to have an AntiVirus application or keep the dat files of that app updated. Keep that in mind also as part of protecting your system and the rest of the systems on the 'net.


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