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Thread: Linux-Connectix Virtual PC

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    Linux-Connectix Virtual PC

    Does anyone run Linux from a Connectix Virtual PC that may be able to offer some help with the following :- Problem is can't get Internet connection from the Linux guest o/s. My host system is XP pro, using an NTL 100 cable modem. Connectix has Linux Mandrake 8.0 and Windows 2000 server as the virtual pc's. There is no communications problems between the Windows o/s. Any advice on configurations etc woul be appreciated

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    As long as your linux is configured for DHCp the should be OK, works fine from mine and i use it under Windows Xp Pro as the host. this of course depends on you using the virtual switch option in your guest pc.

    also make sure you are logged into your host pc with admin priveleges.

    other than that cant help, although you probably have the problem sorted by now anyway

    sorry forgive me i was talking crap, i didnt mean virtual switch i meant shared networking, sorry. unless of course u have more than one nic in your machine.
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    Thahks for the reply geepod
    No, I have'nt got it sorted yet. It was suggested that I use Windows loopback adaptor with the virtual switch, don't know how accurate this info is, but I have had to leave that little problem aside meantime, no doubt i'll get around to trying again at some point.
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