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Thread: Users online now...

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    Users online now...

    Hey, about the user(s) online now function from the main page- this allows you to view a list of members/guest(s) that are currently on AO... I've seen that some of the guest(s) are doing things like editing their signatures and viewing/editing their profiles? so, my question is, are some AO members listed as guests? (ie- those members who have requested that their presence online, not be shown... so that they always seem 'offline')
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I have seen this too...

    I think that if those users don't use the autologin, and their login times out they will be listed as guest in the users online function and will have to login again if they want to save any changes.

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    I notice that when I had my profile set to not show me when online that whenever I look at the users online that I was never listed

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