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Thread: Doubtful about Programs to download

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    Doubtful about Programs to download

    I'm new here and I'm just wondering are these programs all free of viruses?Im just asking because I downloaded BigFix and then my system started acting up and when I tryed incinerating the bigfix it just kept reappearing on my desktop, until I deleted some stuff about it out of my redritry using redritedit. But are the files checked for viruses?

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    no they are not, the AO file archives are riden with virii and trojans...
    i would suggest that you never-ever download any software from the AO archives...

    i've pointed this out to the admin(s) before, they are supposedly cleaning it up...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    No, they are NOT all free of viruses.

    As with any download... make sure that you have your defs. up2date.

    AO is not responsible for any damage that happens to your system due to viruses and etc.
    You are soley responsible...

    It is good practice to have a test box (if possible) to mess around with security downloads...

    I have recieved many of viruses from "security books" that I have purchased. If I scan the CDs, it comes up with several of them.

    This is due to the fact that AO offers keyloggers, trojans and exploits and etc. that all have by their nature, viruses in them.

    <edit> Damn tampabay! You've got faster fingers overthere... oh well... </edit>

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    I always scan any files that I download prior to executing! Always no matter if I think they come from a protected source.


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    BigFix? In the Download-section? Must be a reaaaally old version then. Get the new (free) one here. I never run Windows without it.

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    i would like to know the overall opinion of everyone here on bigfix. looks good, but i'm not sure about it.

    any opinions?
    i\'m starting to think that i\'m bound to always be the first guy on the second page of the thread.

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    Seems ok, I installed it, and It didnt give me any information of anything wrong with my system... Thats nice

    Seems like something a novice user really should use, I usually do windows update two times a week, and I try to keep my system as stable as possible, I really cant tell if Bigfix will do anything for me, time will tell I guess.
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    Just becareful... I got a nasty one last month and my computer is still playing up

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