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Thread: Heres a good suggestion put it into work for the love of Hackers

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    Heres a good suggestion put it into work for the love of Hackers

    I been looking around this place and its a good site,but one thing why dont they clean all the downloads of viruses damit at least try. I thought this was the site I been looking for;a site with programs that are virus free and at my disposial, but it looks like I was wrong and disappointed.This site would be alot better if the files were cleaned.

    Put It Into Works!

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    What download had a virus?
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    Some downloads ARE virii. The main purpose for you is to learn how they work by experiencing in a closed networking environment.
    The make the download section virus free is not a solution.
    Subseven or stoned will be picked up as a trojan/virus because they are.

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    Yep no0le 's right, some of em are virus/backdoors....
    Heh, I even dld-ed some of em too, to work on my lan a bit....

    For me it was clear they were what they are though...
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