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    Question Email bomber

    Anyone know where I can get a good email bomber because I have people to pay back.(and do they work)

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    Why do you complain about files in the AO Archives being infected by virii? Just send those people you 'have to pay back' to the AO Archives. Nice and clean. No dirty hands.

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    just register for some *free* porn sites with their emal...and optin to some other coperate pages.

    with the amountspammers pay for a valid email address why would anyone need a email bomb today

    Oh and this isn't truly the place to ask for that type of program.

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    email-bombing is so passť !

    Get a grip, find a nice pornsite or some add sites, bballad is right.
    Use his e-mailaccount as junk-mail account, no worries
    Come and check out our wargame-site @
    We chat @ #lobby

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