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    It sounds like it might work for phones, palmtops & digital cameras.
    they already use non-vol memory in some PDA's, have you ever tryed to turn them off but theres no off button just a suspend, thats what its doing.

    sounds pretty cool, although surely people will be able to store malicous code on here that will live on after a reboot,

    the hologram stuff is amazing there was an article about it on slashdot a while back, pretty intersting.

    both of these are the future, but itll be a while before they drop to the prices of todays storage devices, which isnt great. still almost 0.80 - 1 for a Gb, so the price soon adds up. And there seems to be a floor that the old stuff will never drop below, like i wanted a 500mb harddisk for a project resently and shops were trying to charge me +10, i wasnt going to pay that. i went to a garage/ boot sale and got 3 500mb drives for 1 which was more to my liking


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    How to create a boot disk for windows XP. I'm using the sysyem and my computer seems to be corruped boot files.

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    In coming 2 yrs my PC is going to be an antique piece to Hack still secure in those years
    guru@linux:~> who I grep -i blonde I talk; cd ~; wine; talk; touch; unzip; touch; strip; gasp; finger; mount; fsck; more; yes; gasp; umount; make clean; sleep;

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    Hi, I am afraid you have posted to the wrong forum

    You should be in Antionline: How do I? or What is?

    Might I suggest that you "edit" your post (one of the little purple tabs at the top), highlight and copy your text, post it in the forum where people might better be able to help you, and delete the original post here (one of the edit options)

    While I am responding, you might give us some information:

    What makes you think your XP boot files are corrupt.............what happens when you boot?

    Hope that this helps


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