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Thread: port blocking

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    port blocking

    how can i block certain parts in xp home with out installing a firewall?

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    First off..... Why would you want to block ports without a firewall....

    It would depend on what ports you are dealing with... you can't block the ports, but you can close ports related to certain services by turning the services off.

    Also you can always use ICF... that way you don't have to install any firewall software, you can just use what MS has provided you with. You can find out how to enable it here

    Otherwise you are going to have to get yourself a firewall, which would probably be the safest bet and the most rational thing to do.

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    Hrmm... Why would you wanna do that without a firewall ?

    The easiest way to block ports is to install a firewall and block all at first. Every time he wants to open something
    he'll ask you. Also you can add trusted rules most of the time. So you can define what you want to open yourself.

    Go get you a firewall .... there's enough threads here in AO on which firewall, I'm not gonna start another one.

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    In the tutorials forum there is the following post:

    How to Lock Down Your WinXP Box .

    This will help you get started securing your XP without using a firewall.
    Lock down 445. 139 etc..
    That should help you out some.

    But offcourse it is better do aply this AND run a firewall.

    Good luck !

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