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    hello brothers,

    This is the problem I'm facing:

    On one linux system (AMD Athlon XP, Assus motherboard, 128 DDR, onboard GForce graphics card), X windows does not work. When we try to configure graphics using xf86config at the end the system hangs.
    Somewhere i read that when nothing works the VESA generic card should be used. I tried this too but failed.
    What should I do.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Hrrmmm, Had the same prob once for Suse 8.1 on my P2 350Mhz, but when I installed it
    on my Athlon XP 1800+ it worked out fine.

    Can you give more specs on what errors you got ?
    Which distro do you use ?

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    What distro are you using because some have a test option which can make your job alot easier, especially if you have to go by trial and error. SuSE is pretty good at this.
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