todayi was in a chat room and this skript kiddie got my IP, i keep getting disconnected from chat and also he said he used my PC in a SYN flood against routers or something, and also i got knocked off AIM and when i tried connecting it said my password was invalid, so i tried again and it worked, half my list was on away and everyone on away isnt on now, im not sure whats goin on, i have SuSe Linux 8.1 professional and i have the SuSefirewall running....any ideas? i didnt think you could do that on Linux so fast. my IP doesnt change because im on cable so thats kinda....not cool.

EDIT: AIM seems fine now but i didnt think a kiddie could honestly do that with an IP addy, he said something about trying to get me arrested and then said hes just playing, but this is a bit much of a "coincidence" my AIM knocks me off and doesnt wanna work for a sec and then i get knocked off chat.