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    Thought this petty bullshit had about run its coarse, since there are so many
    worthy target beside chat rooms.
    Your firewall should have the ability to not respond to icmp pings, enable it.
    or get Shorewall decent cheapo firewall i have had no probs with,when i use it, they have a web site its opensource.
    Build a cheapo pent 2 about 200mhz, get a hub, and ethereal capture software (and libs needed)
    and a copy of windoz98. Hub the suse pc, the pc (with ereal) and cable routr/modem.
    Run some captures save the, fine tune the and isolate his pc.
    He is a kid who think he is safe, before caller I.D. hiz type was the one doing midnight pizza orders to your house, a loooser.
    You attitude: Approach this as a mission, search and destroy..
    Plus you will LEARN a bunch of stuff in the process; protocols, how to take 802.3 frames apart in the process.


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    Nice reply zadium!!! I agree with you. (i was thinking for 24 hours to come up with your opinion).

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    If you definitely know that this guy got your IP off of IRC, then tell an IRCop. I've been DDoS'd by somebody who got my IP on IRC before, I found out who it was because before my computer went crazy and crashed, zonealarm noted down most of the IP addresses, including that of one person who I had seen arguing with others about being a kiddie. I told an IRCop, who looked at the logs, had heard other people complain about the guy, and kicked him off the network.

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    That's the right way!!!

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    I know i will get more negs but i can't stop me from telling this:
    "If you neg some one, the write a reason or a comment not just a blank"

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