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    segmentation error

    hey fellas,
    i am just a starter with linux and have a red hat linux 7.0, and most of my programmes i try to run gives me a segmentaion error,
    a few suggestion would be appreciated.
    Ps :- i was trying out some networking progs

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    "Segmentation error" or "Segmentation fault" is just a generic kind of crash.

    Usually caused by a program that accesses memory that isn't there. Also caused if a kernel error happens in the program (An "oops" error)

    There are several possibilities here:

    - The programs have not been compiled properly for your OS (unlikely for the ones that ship with the OS)
    - The programs are badly misconfigured (likely for one or two, but not "most")
    - There is some sort of library ****-up - for example you've installed a broken libc

    But I feel most likely:

    - Hardware or driver problem

    Look at /var/log/messages (if you can get that far), or run "dmesg"

    If you see "oops" messages on your system log, it is probably a hardware fault or a broken driver. Broken memory is quite common (This will crash Windows very easily too)

    If you are running X, try to reproduce the problem in console applications without X running - that will prove that the video driver isn't breaking stuff (be sure to run something which uses lots of memory, like compiling something big)

    Try running a memory tester like memtest-86

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    hmm. Looks like slarty said it all.
    WARNING: Your computer might be infected with a well known virus called \'windows\'.

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    yes i checked the log messages as soon as i reached home i have an error with my usb port.

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