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    Hi all.

    i'm a student and i'm thinking in studying A+ certificate .
    can anyone help me and give useful information about this certificate.
    for example , can anyone tell me some good books to choose one of them ? what do i need to know to pass the exam .how long should i study and i'll study by myself ..

    Thank you in advance....

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    A+ Certification is a CompTIA sponsored testing program that certifies the competency of entry level computer service technicians, here's some links for more information.

    The A+ exams cover a broad range of hardware and software technologies, but are not related to any vendor-specific products. To become certified, a student must pass two exams-the core exam and one specialty exam (either MS Windows/DOS or Macintosh). Students who pass the two exams become certified, demonstrating basic knowledge of configuring, installing, diagnosing, repairing, upgrading and maintaining microcomputers and associated technologies.
    The A+ Certificate is designed for individuals already in the workforce who wish to receive specific training in building computers and troubleshooting computer problems. The courses within the certificate program will assist those already in the workforce to advance to positions dealing with computer repair. At the completion of the coursework, the student will have obtained the skills necessary to take the A+ Certification Exam. The certificate program is designed to allow students to continue toward completion of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Technology.
    find A+ Books here
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    Mike Meyers book on the exam is an excellent resource. I glossed through the book in a weekend and took the practice exams and went and passed the exam on Monday. Here is a link: A+ All-In-One Certification Exam Guide

    However, I already had about 10 years of hands-on firsthand experience with most of the information covered by A+. I don't know if you could pick up this book with no knowledge or experience and pass the exam.

    I took the exam about 3 years ago and at that time the practice exams with this book were almost verbatim of the real exam which also helped. With recent litigation over stealing and publishing real exam questions by some of the certification vendors that may not be the case anymore.

    I like the All-In-One series of books in general though as a cram-session resource. Again, I don't think the information is in-depth enough to teach you the subject from scratch, but if you already have some knowledge and exprience they are great books for refreshing your memory on the key points you need to know to pass the exam. I also used the All-In-One book to pass the CISSP exam.

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    The best source I have found for getting info thus far,

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    Originally posted here by tonybradley
    Mike Meyers book on the exam is an excellent resource.
    I'd just like to second the opion about Mike Meyers A+ book. I had only a small amount of computer knowledge and after studying a chapter per day I was fully prepared for the test. I finished the test quickly and confidently.

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    I'll third that opinion. After using Mike Meyer's book it took me 7 min on one exam and 5 min on the other to pass with high marks. Granted I had been teaching the hardware stuff but it didn't hurt.
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    While we're on the subject of A+ exams.... Is the exam really worth it? I mean you fork out a bunch of money for something that will really only benefit you if you are working at Business Depot/Staples or Future Shop.... I mean other than most PC repair places (where for some reason they require an A+ cert regardless of how much you actually know).. is an A+ cert really necessary in industry today? I have the Enhanced A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining your PC (Enhanced Third Edition) by Jean Andrews (ISBN: 0-619-03433-5) and I've read threw it.... It's entirely useless.... It's CompTIA certified and covers of of the A+ Core and OS objectives... Most of the stuff in there I learned in my HS computer science class or on my own playing around. We've used it for two courses now @ the college (a Hardware course and an OS course) and they've covered the book and other stuff. So my question is why get the A+ cert? I mean it's the same as the CCNA cert.... I've done the courses and worked with routers for the last 3 years.. but why get a peice of paper that says hey for the next couple years i'm certified, then I have to pay money to do it again.... I'm just curious about other peoples opinions on certifications..... especially the A+ cert.

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    why get the cert? You never know, if your bosses can show their customers that they have certified people working on the hardware it might help bring business in..

    A company i used to work at required me to be A+, MCSE, and start on CCNA/P... in a year.. with my contract stating that i would recieve a $2000/yr raise for the A+, $10,000/yr raise for MCSE, and $2000/yr per CCNA requirement that I completed..

    Now this was a special company that used our credentials to prove to our customers that we were capable of doing the job, hell the A+ alone brought several accounts in the door that required me to physically setup and configure servers on customer locations... Being MCSE woulda meant they coulda hired me out to Admin those systems (i know MCSE != Admin) but in alot of peoples eyes it does..

    If you work in a computer related field today, ask your bosses if it might improve or help your pay or position if you get certain certifications, and if so, which.. You might be suprised.

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    While we're on the subject of A+ exams.... Is the exam really worth it?
    I tend to agree with you for the most part HTRegz. I have a CISSP, MCSE2k, MCSA, MCP and A+ and I am not sure that any of them actually do anything for me. Its not like I got a raise out of the deal.

    On the other hand, with the IT job market where it is right now and competition being tight maybe that one extra certification could be what gets you in the door.

    I think the A+ is a pretty basic certification. Like you said, its good for basic PC repair and working at Best Buy or as an entry-level PC support person. But, you have to start somewhere. For many people getting the A+ certification and working 1 or 2 years at Best Buy or doing basic PC support gets them in the door and lets them earn the experience they need to progress to the next level.

    I believe that possibly the A+ may be the *most* valuable simply because it may be what gets you in the door in the IT field to begin with. After that your experience and your performance will guide probably more than your certifications will.

    Just my $.02

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    i took an A+ class, and really didn't find any need afterwards to appreciate taking it. Really, just grab a book on it and read it:

    1. less money

    2. less time

    3. better understanding

    4. no homework!

    A+ isnt difficult at all, i am yet to take the test, but did go through all the preps for it and had no trouble...

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