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Thread: A+

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    how to past a meeage into this forum.
    can any 1 help!
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    my school has a class that I am in that is basied on the A+ exam there is a web site that antoher school made it sucks but it might help

    hope that it helps you (ok it wont but its there)

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    One thing I have to say about the A+ exam is that its really not a measure of how much you know but of how well you can study.

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    What do you think of ECDL, IC3 and MOUS???

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    What do you think of ECDL, IC3 and MOUS???
    I think my stance would still be that they don't mean that much really, but it could be what separates you from the pack in getting an entry-level position.

    I would say they're more for administrative / clerical positions though and don't mean much in the IT field (I don't know much about ECDL though).

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    I think A+ can really be looked at as a resume stuffer from a career point of view. It wont get you any jobs by itself- but it cant hurt.

    That said, A+ is nice to have if you do freelance work just doing housecalls (like i do). People who dont understand computers will trust you a lot more.

    A+ is really a pretty easy exam to pass. When I started studyin, I had built a few rigs, but I had not been into computers very long. It only took about 2 months of about an hour a day studyin out of a book to pass it without problem.
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    I am A+ cert. It is a Entry Level cert. none the less. The web site that i studied on and is great because my A+ book was no at all compliant with the way the exam was structured.
    Also good for people who are looking to be CCNA, MCSE, Server+,and the new Security+.

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