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Thread: programming AIM clients in perl.

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    programming AIM clients in perl.

    um. anyone know if i need any perl Mods or somesuch to do this? i just want to make a decent aim client in perl....ooh, btw, any good tutorials on this subject? thanks in advance.

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    Well from what I have seen, aim is pretty basic. The first thing that you will probably want to do is sniff your incoming and outgoing packets for aim. Then in perl you just have to reconscruct the packets like the client. And like I said the packets are pretty basic (well used to be, havnt sniffed in a long time). From what I remember all the conversations are not encrypted or compressed or anything, it is just basic html! Well have fun, message me with further questions.

    P.s. please give me points for this post (negative is ok if you think i am wrong), some user spammed me with negative points because of http://www.antionline.com/showthread...488#post617488

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    much easier than that...
    there are several aim modules for perl...
    This link lists several from perl.com's mirror of cpan.
    I don't know what kind of stuff you are looking for, I don't really know any perl, I just was doing a little research on AI and wanted to play with a Turing tested chatbot while I mused over a chapter in my Philosophy of the Mind text book.... One of the bots I d/led needed one of these modules..., so I had that link in my bookmarks. I figure that writing a client is about the same as writing a chatbot, just without the bot crap.., so I hope this is useful.

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    good work. I just dont like useing modules because i am all about efficency but yes you answered his question better

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    hey thanks, this helped me out alot guys, now i just need to find some time to mess around in.

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