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Thread: XP shutdown question

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    XP shutdown question

    Okay, I've racked my brain, and picked a few other brains, and none of it has helped, so I'm going to put it out here for all of you to ponder too.

    I run XP Pro. About a week ago, I noticed that whenever I log off, restart, or switch users...it shuts down. This is installed on my D: drive, and on my C: drive I had Win2k pro, and I decided to upgrade that to XP as I really like XP better. So...I upgraded, everything worked great for like 2 days, and now I'm back to the same thing...it shuts down whenever I try to restart, log off or switch users. I have no idea what might be causing this. Any suggestions?

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    Almost sounds like a virus to me. I'd run a antivirus program and check it out if you haven't already done so. It seems like every time you say you press the switch user, or logoff buttons that it sends a wrong signal. Thats my guess.

    Good luck

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    Nope not a virus...had already done so, but went ahead and ran another scan on both drives, and there's nothing there. Anybody else got any ideas?
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    Did you check out your registry settings?

    I don't know if it'd matter... cause it shutsdown after a logoff and restart...

    What about in the bios? Maybe the OS is sending a kill signal to the bios?

    I know that in some of my bios's there are poweroff features.

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    From www.techrepublic.com .......

    In the previous tip, we said the Shutdown.exe command shuts down Windows but doesn't power down the system on some older computers. Instead, it displays the message, "It is now safe to turn off your computer."

    If this happens to you, use the command-line utility Tsshutdn.exe, which was originally designed for shutting down Windows 2000 systems running Terminal Server. Tsshutdn.exe is included in Windows XP and can be run via the Scheduled Tasks tool to configure your system to shut itself down at a specified time.

    Here's how:

    1. Open Control Panel and double-click Scheduled Tasks.

    2. Select Add Scheduled Task to launch the Scheduled Task Wizard.

    3. Click Next.

    4. Choose the Browse button to access the Windows\System32 folder.

    5. Select Tsshutdn.exe and click Open.

    6. Follow the wizard through the next two screens to give the task a name and choose a schedule.

    7. Enter the name and password of your user account and click Next.

    8. Select the Open Advanced Properties For This Task When I Click Finish check box, and then click Finish.

    9. In the Task tab of Advanced Properties, add the following parameters to the end of the command line in the Run text box:

    0 /delay:0 /powerdown

    Be sure to include a space between the last character in the command name and the first character in the parameter list, such as C:\Windows\System32\Tsshutdn.exe 0 /delay:0 /powerdown. In this case, the 0 parameter indicates a zero second wait time after user notification and before all user sessions are terminated. The /delay:0 parameter
    indicates a zero second delay before logging off all connected sessions, and the /powerdown parameter tells the system that it should prepare to power off.

    10. Click OK.

    11. Enter the name and password of your user account and click OK.

    When the Tsshutdn utility runs, the command prompt window appears on the screen for a few seconds before the system powers down.
    Might not be exactly what you were looking for, but may be helpful all the same. Also, there is a tweak utility called X-setup that will make the needed adjustments to make your system shut down power.....you can find it at www.download.com . Try it...you'll LIKE it!
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