Hello ppl,
I couldn't think of any other forum where this question might have been suitable. Sorry.

I set up an 8-machine cluster running RHL8.0 for some parallel processing work. Though each machine has an identical build both in terms of hardware and OS, I can't seem to run remote commands with rsh between machine#1 and machine#3. On all other machines rsh is running fine. For example,

mach01$> rsh mach02 ls <--- this works
mach01$> rsh mach03 ls <--- doesn't work, gives access denied

mach01 is already listed in mach03's /etc/hosts.equiv file. This is evident coz, I can remote login from mach01 to 03

mach01$> rsh mach03 <--- this works, logs me into mach03

So, overall, rsh is working but it won't let me execute remote commands. What am I doing wrong? I even added the machine names in .rhosts in the user home directory, but still to no avail.
Any help in this matter would be really appreciated. Thanx a ton.