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    my friend has a backdoor/sub7 trojan ripper on his comp. he has had 10 or so attacks recently. each time they tell him the attackers ip, and it cycles through 3 diff. ones. is there anybody he can contact to stop this hacker? thanks

    also need a good trojan scanner/remover

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    Well I know that, that trojan has a lot of capabilties.

    I do not know who you can contact.

    But i do know some cleaners, go here and you can find a lot of them:

    They have some specificly in your case.

    >Hope that helps.
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    He should contact the attackers ISP, run a whois at http://www.samspade.org/ on the ips that is used by the attacker, you should get some contact information.
    Normally an abuse@isp.com email address is listed in the whois information, use that.

    Give them as much information as possible, date and time of the attack, what sort of attack etc... makes it a whole lot easier for them to check their logs, and there is a better chance they will act upon the information you send them.
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