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    Question Where do i find win3.1 telnet?

    Hi,id like to find the telnet which windows 3.1 brings, or 1st windows telnet in order to be able to debug and edit it.
    I have searched over google and i do only find lots and lots of other telnet servers

    Any idea of how to find that one?

    Thank you

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    Just install Windows 3.1 on an old system and pull it off. If I recall correctly, it was also available via DOS (I don't remember which version). Why do you want the Telnet from Windows 3.1? There are plenty of freeware Telnet clients which were designed for 16-bit Windows.


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    Dude, please tell me your not going to try that bull#$*% with telnet and "becoming a god" on your mud you play on. I told you it can't be done and if it can, you can face jail time....doesn't sound worth finding out, does it? Try reading your original thread again.

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    Im afraid im gonna try it,i wont break legality line at any time,ill take care about that,i wont hack the mud or anything else.

    I have seen it being done,so i know its true,it can be done.

    It isnt just connect and being a god,u will never be able to use gods comands,as u say,the thing i must reach is being able to 'speak' with the mud program and sending orders to it.

    I only have the order i told u,and ill use that one everytime i need to try if i got it...

    I also thought in trying to hack the one who has the modyfied telnet or terminal to download it from him,but i think it will be rewardless... he told me it took him 1 year to get it,and i will work hard that for.

    So thanks for ur help,and if someone knows the direct link to win 3.1`s terminal just put that here ^^

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