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Thread: Try out linux w/o installing to HD!

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    Try out linux w/o installing to HD!

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else. I was on another board and came across this.

    At http://www.linuxiso.org you can download the latest flavor of Linux, one of them is Knoppix. What Knoppix is, is a version of Debian Linux that runs COMPLETELY off of a CD ROM. All you have to do is burn the image to a CD, and boot the CD! The image includes a number of browsers, (Konqueror, Mozilla), Gaim (AOL instant messanger client), Open Office Word processor, and even includes AIRSNORT! When you are done using it, just logout, pop out the CD, and you are back to your normal operating system!

    It even has drivers for my Orinoco wireless card! All in all a great way to get your feet wet in Linux without having to repartition your HD (Great for those with laptops from work!)



    other download sites and info available

    mirror site http://mirror.usu.edu/mirrors/knopp...03-04-10-EN.iso

    Here are some of the top questions answered:

    1. if your device (display, mouse, etc) is not working right hit F2 at the boot prompt, there is some help there for various issues

    2. to change the root password
    Changing Root Password:
    Switch to a text-mode root shell by pressing CTRL+Alt+F1
    Change the root password with the passwd command.
    passwd root ----- answer the questions
    Switch back to KDE by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F5
    In a Konsole window, enter
    Su - [the dash here is important]
    Enter your root password (the one you just created above)
    Proceed with your desired commands as su.

    3. You can save your config on a floppy go to the K then KNOPPIX, then CONFIGURE, then SAVE KNOPPIX CONFIGURATION

    I will update as they come along...


    credit goes to some dood on Fatwallet Forums

    I hope you all find this of use! It seems pretty cool to me.

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    Knoppix is really cool actually. We've used it at the school to help those get used to it (usually 1st semester students) without fear of destroying previous installations (don't know why but command line scares some). Knoppix pretty much can work on 98% of the systems it finds. I've run into issues with it on my laptop but it works on every school desktop I've tried it on. And detects all the hardware.

    I believe it comes with OpenOffice installed. In addition, you can use it as a terminal server (albeit a bit slow due to speed of CDRom). I highly recommend it for those very new and very nervous about Linux. It makes seem not so bad.
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    We are considering using Knoppix or something very similar on our public computers. I work for a public library, and all our patrons need to access our databases and the catalog is a browser. A version that runs off a bootable CD is a possible solution we are looking at.

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    Suse has a similar Live Eval-version of its latest distro.

    SuSE makes the live-eval version of SuSE Linux available for download as an ISO image. This version runs entirely from the bootable CD and is not installed on the hard disk.

    If you want to get to know SuSE Linux or test if your hardware is fully supported, the live-eval version is the right choice for you.

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    You can also get a distro called MUNIX - installs and runs right off a floppy disk. Sorry, i cant remember the url, but you can probably find it through google.

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    I'm in the process of DL'ing it right now. Once I have the file saved I just burn it to a CD, then boot from the CD. Sounds easy, lemme make sure I'm right here.

    I fire up Roxio, and go to create data CD. Burn it, then just reboot and its like a fresh *nix install? sweet!

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