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Thread: Dual Protection for XP

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    Dual Protection for XP

    Im trying to figure out the two best firewall and av that would work with norton. I tried mcafee but they wont go near a computer that has norton installed. Im using windows so Im trying to this junk as secure as possible. Anyone have some ideas?

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    If you already have norton installed... is that antivirus that you are talking about?

    Norton also has an Internet Security package. It integrates NAV and works pretty well. It is not as bad of a resource hog as Macafee though.

    I use it and I like it. I don't see much activity on it though... as I'm behind a router/firewall...

    If your looking to go the free route... take a look at Outpost

    Zone alarm also has a free one.

    I think that is what you were asking...

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    I use Norton AV and also Norton Firewall - they work excellent together and i have had no problems. I also run ad-aware, spy sweeper and spybot search and destroy periodically.

    This combination seems to give me a good combination

    Hope this helps !!

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    Check out Sygate Personal firewall professional. I have found it to be extremely good, I used to use Blackice but had some problems with that, random stops of the firewall being one of them.
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    I use avg, and zap firewall.
    comercial firewall like zone alarm pro or free ones like zone alarm I think you xcan use them inconjunction with the norton

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    I run Norton AV 2003 with Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, that's all. I've never had any problems or need to "double" up firewall/antivirus apps. I would give that configuration a try, just stay away from McAfee....for the love of god!!
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    one of the best ways to go is to always use a hardware firewall, such as produced by linksys, netgear, d-link, etc. if you want the big guns, get a watchguard unit ( www.cdw.com/watchguard )

    using a personal software firewall in conjunction with a hardware firewall is definitely being on the safe side, but can mess with windows shares, and a few other apps.

    the best thing to do, no matter which antivirus prog you get, is to keep it updated. Don't just assume that the installed program will find all viruses from now until the end of time. Every day new viruses come out, so every day the AV folks have to come up with new definitions. If you're not updated, you only protected against the viruses that were out when your AV was originally written.

    hope this helps -skurit
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