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Thread: lan to my isp

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    lan to my isp

    It seems as if nothing will go right for me ever.
    Wondering if a AOer can help.
    I just remove BSD from my system and install redhat 7.2. The only problem I having is that when I first connected to AO everything was fine. Until I tried to post. Now it won't let me even get on the web. My router is not letting traffic to this machine for some reasons. I don't
    know much about routers some the tech support is crappy they only know about windows
    OSes's. It's a D-Link DI-704P it's set to it's default. I have a new pc which I can even surf with
    maybe I should have stuck with XP. It not having any problems.

    Thanxs if anyone can help me!!

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    Do you have the same IP as another PC on your LAN?
    Try resetting your TCP/IP settings.

    Make sure that if you have a firewall... it is configured properly.

    Can you get to the router from the pc in question?

    I know RH sometimes has the firewall set to high at setup. You have to specify what is trusted...

    Throwing out ?s and ideas... need more info bout ur setup and what you've done... congfiguration wise.

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    Well, phish

    It seems to me that the router is assigned 192.xxx.x.1
    then it assigned 192.xxx.x.184 to my xp box and 192.xxx.x.105 to the bsd box.
    The firewall isn't running on any of the machines. I check that myself. remove RH and I'm
    going with bsd a challenge is what I seek. And learning bsd is a challenge as for as settings it up.
    Basically, the setup is simple dsl to router which set between 2 pc's. The only problem is that it won't let me download the lastest firmware. Even if unplug cable from router and plug it
    directly into the xp box.

    Can only give me a example of there setup in rc.conf file if running freebsd.
    I'm going to edit mine to try to get things running properly.

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    About your firmware for the D-Link...

    I had a dlink and they are kind of screwy....

    Make sure that nothing else is using your com port. (palm pilot, modem, etc.)
    Unplug your ethernet cables and hook up your serial/console cable

    get ready to start the firmware upgrade.

    unplug the router

    start the firmware upgrade

    plug in the router.

    The x-fer shoud then start after the software x-fer sees the device.

    I had problems upgrading mine for the longest time... when it was something stupid.
    The com port was in use by another device... and I didn't think to check that. DOH!

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