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    Post access violation in e-mail client

    I use the "foxmail" e-mail client for checking pop3 mail accounts.
    it was fine in the previous time i opened yesterday.
    but now when I had clicked the foxmail icon to open it, the following error poped up, and if it popsup once, its fine, but it popped up countlessly and all my ram got clogged upand I had rebooted the system and reconnected to net again.

    I am asking this because, if error come, it shows once na, but here why I got numerous popups until ram gets clogged totally,
    initially I had pressed ok for many popups, the many I click ok, the many are coming upp again

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    I would try to just reopen it a couple times and see if it happend consistantly. If it keeps happening then backup the config and uninstall it. This sounds like a corruption error probably caused by a hard reboot or something like it. Then reinstall it and see if it works again. If it works ok then put your conf file back and smile.

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    I will try it, thanks for your suggestion

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