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Thread: win98 basic hacks

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    win98 basic hacks


    I am writing this to reduce my negative points and backup.
    this is for newbies mainly

    Today I want to tell you some basic windows hacking tricks

    First I will tell you some tricks regarding 'WINDOWS 98' and I will tell you how to do the same tricks and more in WINDOWS XP in my next manual.

    1) restart windows with a single click

    C:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindowsexec

    Here "C" is the drive letter inwhich the windows 98 is installed.
    This shortcut on clicking will restart windows immediately
    without any warning.

    2) Shutdown windows with a single click

    C:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows

    Here "C" is the drive letter in which the windows 98 is installed.
    This shortcut on clicking will shutdown windows immediately
    Without any warning.

    Felt it too lame or over detailed, bear with me please, I want this to be reached in full to even newbies. So only I am giving this in more detail.

    Do not know how to create a shortcut, I will tell you now

    Right click your mouse on your desktop and a menu appears. Then go to the new tab and click on the shortcut.
    Then the shortcut wizard appears and you copy the single line code and click next and then finish to create the shortcut.
    Then when ever you feel to shutdown or restart windows, you can just click these shortcuts instead of moving through the routine boring procedures.

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    everyone loves practical jokes... especially when you have the task scheduler...


    Those are links to many of the rundll and rundll32 commands.

    Good for programming... or playing stupid jokes on people...

    Like changing the mouse buttons on them every 15min.
    Or making beeping noises evey now and again.
    logoff at logon
    or cascading windows...

    stupid fun.

    not "hacking"... just being a jacka$$

    These work on more than win98 though. You have to test them out first though... some of the commands don't like to work an every platform. There is an equivelant command for every m$ platform.

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