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Thread: Free programs

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    Cool Free programs

    Does anyone know how to crack programs?if so how (be brief)

    Does anyone have a tuturial?

    Is it hard?

    Where can I learn to crack programs?

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    I really kind of doubt that anyone will help you with this. Most of us here do not like to crack, we do it only for educational purposes.

    But you can probally find a site with a bunch of crackers somewhere if you look hard enough.
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    click start
    click search
    type crack 'name of the software'
    and you are done
    Its that simple.

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    Have you tried www.learntohack.org or www.networkpunk.com they are good websites for wargames and I think if you want to start to learn to hack/crack you should start there

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    Well first off anyone who stumbles into a site like AO and asks how to crack programs obviosly has never bothered to poke around in their own system. (example) Some programs with 30day limits make .reg and is timed to de-activate itself on a certin date so if your a windows user checkout REGedit which thanks to the guys 'n gals of M$ it should come free with your windows OS and .ini can be edited in notepad. You might also wanna checkout hex-editors and de-compilers... and always make backup before pokeing around in edited files cause you don't want run into something ya can't fix.

    Im not going to give you step by step instructions on how do anything though mainly because it could take hours chating about hex and the wonders a PC's inner workings...
    Also remember it is illegal to sell cracked stuff...

    Speaking of .ini files... its not really a crack... but... since alot of peaple who are interested in cracking are usually game junkies like me... heres a VB open source example for a cheat enabler for the game HitMan 2. You can change my program around, I really don't care but giveing thanks to me might be nice if ya do though...

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    Man this a lazy one....

    First, AO isn't about cracking and hacking , but about preventing it.
    Second, People who are eager to learn will find out sooner or later by themselves, just what they want...
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