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    Hello there, I need some free hosting with alot of data transfer because my Geocities site keeps going down due to lack of it. I know i should pay for some good hosting but im not geting enough money yet. Anyone know some good free hosting i already tryed google of them are 3 GIGS of data transfer just like geocities. Thanks in advance
    Hacker dan

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    ok i know this host isn't free but he is almsot free its low prices.. www.seanspc.com is the guy i go through..he charges $3 a month wit 10gig of bandwidth and 250mb of storage..I haven't hit both of them and i get a lot of hits daily. I know what u mean wit the free web hsot low bandwidth i use to hit it almsot daily on angelfire. oh yeah its ftp which is not hard at all if ur use to geocities. peace

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    Well if your are looking for a free solution check out www.freewebspace.net . They have all sorts of searches you can do to find a free host that is right for you. (Well as close as you can get being a free host)

    Best of luck

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    Have looked into www.0catch.com or the good folks over at cjb?
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    ugh personnaly i feel you should get away from free hosting asap - i used to use ti al the time and am so glad i dont anymore - own domain name, no ads/pop-ups and just gives more professional feel - tho when getting hosting plan for future...make sure get a plan with everything you need to begin with
    I got mine with basics cause i didn't need and mySQL databases or anythign to begin with and thought would be fine - but now have so many different ideas that require a more flexable hosting plan but is going to cost me more to upgrade one am with than if had got all options i need at start - will prolly end up getting whole new plan now instead which means hassle of transfering domain etc >_<


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    I've been using http://www.hostdime.com for both of my sites, and they're absolutely great. I try and plug these guys any chance I get, because I've never been so amazed at the service. It's almost 'round clock (I don't think they sleep). Their packages are cheap...and loaded...and you can add on about anything you want for just as much as an affordable price.

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