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Thread: Help on Algorithmic Diagnostic Methods

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    Exclamation Help!!!!!

    Hi all how are you.!!!

    I am currently doing an assignment on Running a Computer Help Desk. One of the questions is

    ~ Discuss Algorithmic Diagnostic Methods ~

    This i what i need help on.

    Does this mean Flow Charts and the such if so does anyone know where i can find a good example of one that deals with Software.

    Thank You Very Much

    Damien Harrison
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    Algorithmic Diagnostic methods:

    to me, the key word is algorithmic, this means that you have a pattern of doing things.

    so for your type of help desk, the windows troubleshooters are good help. because it asks you questions in a particular order to try and narrow the problem down. this is algorithmic because they are not random questions, they are structured.

    hope my definition helped
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    1) The only direct references to "algorithmic diagnostic methods" on google were gastro-intestinal sites that said, basically, "Algorithmic diagnostic methods guide an examiner through the examination process informing him about necessary application of stimulating/blocking medicaments or provoking actions. "
    2) That tells me basically they're saying, discuss methodical diagnosis (i.e. I'm tier 2 or 3 support and I've given the front-line helpdesk folks a list of questions to ask in order to help diagnose the problem.)
    3) Is this a term your teacher used in class? Maybe they should try using industry standard terminology! :-) (I hate academic sorts of folks.)
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    Thank you both very much both comments are really helpful to me. I really love academic wording that colleges use. (NOT)

    I searched google and dogpile.com for it but i got a load of stuff that just confused me.

    Once again thank you both

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