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Thread: System Configuration Utility

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    System Configuration Utility

    Just a quick question to ask if any1 knows what these actually do? I had a look my startup file to see what actually runs when the computer is turned on, but im unsure on what a few of them actually do and if i really need them.

    If any1 knows what any of the following do, please tell !!!

    sistray - C:\WINDOWS\System32\sistray.exe

    khooker - C:\WINDOWS\System32\khooker.exe

    pctspk - pctspk.exe

    status - C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\status.exe

    tfswctrl - C:\WINDOWS\System32\dla\tfswctrl.exe

    WinsysRsr - C:\Program Files\Wsr\WinsysRsr.exe

    bpinstall - C:\Windows\bpinstall.exe /s

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    sistray could be the Prova Trojan. -> http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_99623.htm

    SiS Keyboard Daemon. System Tray utility which gets installed by the drivers of the latter day SiS VGA cards. The utility itself is not of much use in our opinion and may occasionally be contributing to Windows startup problems, although we have not been able to establish this for certain.
    Used for modems based upon PC-TEL chipsets. Normally used for some Voice and Speakerphone functions and also for some Power management options. If you remove it you may not be able to use any of those functions
    Background task for Hewlett-Packardís DLA software (Drive Letter Assignment). HPís DLA gets installed when you installed the software that comes with their CD/DVD Writers. HPís DLA is packet writing software which enables you to store data onto CDís directly from within Windows applications, without using the actual CD Writing software (much like Roxioís DirectCD.
    thats a start at least...
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    You can find almost any** startup item in the list here .

    Each item has a link to what the program is used for.

    I have found a couple that are not in there though...

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    Thanks 4 the help guys

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