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    to sodaphish:

    how would you use nc to access your hotmail. By running a nc "destination ip" "port", would you just run a command like "start iexplore http://www.hotmail.com" ??

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    most likely the admin has the proxy set up to detect hotmail, try setting up .msn account instead its the same site but most likely it will go undetected as the Admin didnt add all the different msn accounts out there. I know this works for I too go to college with a over parinoid Admin who thinks hes god. He blocked Hotmail but I accessed my account threw My msn, and there you go. But if your admin is much smarter than mine then I would look into a bypass proxy tool, Ive seen several of them on the web. I havent tested the proxy tools yet but I am guessing they work. Another thought came to mind, What about PCanywhere or gotomypc run this on your system at home and use the other at school and check it threw your system! Na to complicated. there are alot of ways of getting around the proxy server just dont forget that once you drop the proxy you are left wide open to the internet, So have your self a good firewall.

    other than that oh yeah "hacking is bad bla bla bla, you shouldnt do this bla bla bla ethics, bla bla bla bull **** lol. there was my disclaimer...

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