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Thread: xp and Linux

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    Angry xp and Linux

    I have an Acer TravelMate-220 notebook; it is preloaded with MS-XP Home edition.

    Recently I installed RH Linux after creating partition (as LILO option.)

    At the time of booting it do not ask me to select the OS ( win or linux) as it supposed to be, so I check my system to find help, here it which I found [ from faqs ]
    Can I install Linux or a UN*X operating system on my notebook?
    Acer America does not support or advocate the installation and use of UN*X or any derivative thereof on notebook systems. Also, UN*X or its associated derivatives have not been tested on the Extensa, Nuovo, Acernote or TravelMate lines. We suggest you check UN*X forums on the Internet for advice from other avid UN*X (and derivative) users.

    But I donít want to use floppy again and again to load LINUX and I want to keep XP also for some reason.

    Please Help.

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    as far as I know you can do it easily by adding some lines in your CONFIG.SYS file if you boot your computer up in DOS and type HELP it is all explained in there.

    I hope I was of a help

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    The warning by Acer is so that they do not have to honour any warranty information if you decide to install an OS they do not or cannot support. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to install Linux or other *nixes if you know what you're doing.

    That said, which version of RH are you using? When it boots, is there any OS to select (only windows, only linux?) How big was the partition for the Linux section?
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    Which version of Redhat are you using? That would make a difference as to which bootloader it wants to use, lilo or grub.

    It sounds to me like you did not allow redhat to set the bootloader up in the MBR, to fix this assuming you your version of redhat has grub installed by default(IIRC RH 7.3, 8, 9), boot linux, login as root, then type

    grub-install /dev/hda

    This should install grub to the mbr of the first ide drive in your system i.e /dev/hda, if you have scsi drives, you may need to change /dev/hda to /dev/sda.

    for more info, check this link.


    If you are using lilo, try searching google for reinstall lilo, and you should come up with instructions.

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    I have an hp laptop, I have RH 8 and XP pro on it and everything works good, I read an artical a while back and it sugested that GRUB works better when you are trying to dual-boot with xp. Hope that that helps

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    Look a glance to this. It helped me with my Grub configuration.

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    I agree with IchNiSan. XP will have put its own loader in the MBR. If you simply installed your OS selection tool (ie grub or lilo) into the first sector of its own partition, it will basically be completely ignored when you start up. The MBR is read first and it would be pointing to XP. Try installing one of the OS selectors into the MBR and see if that works.
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    This happened to me with XP Pro and Redhat 8.0. Boot your XP CD and choose the Recovery Console. Run fix /mbr and/or fix /boot (do a help for the list of command options and switches). You will then get the boot option for XP back. You will then have to boot into Linux and edit the config file (Lilo or Grub) to add XP to the boot loader and test. Have Phun.
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    I don't think you necessarily have to boot into Recovery Console to do this.

    If you right-click on My Computer on the desktop and select Properties --> Advanced tab --> Startup and Recovery Settings it will take you to a window to set the bootloader options.

    You can tell it how long you want it to wait for you to select an operating system to boot to and which operating system should be the default. If you click on the Edit button it will open up the boot.ini file in Notepad for you to edit. You can add your RH operating system here, but you need to know the disk notation for the partition where RH is located.

    You can also get to boot.ini by unhiding the system files on the root of C: and editing it.

    Hope that helps

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    if he cant get into windows he cant do that

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