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Thread: maps of Europe

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    maps of Europe

    Hi all,

    Yeah yeah, I know this isnt security related, but hey, this is general chit chat...

    Hopefully one of our European members(or intrepid American/Canadian travellers) can help me out with this.

    I am looking for a good website for finding topographic maps of Europe(or individual countries, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands to name a few that I am interested in) in a digital format that might integrate with a gps plugged into my laptop or handheld. This is in preparation for a hiking/mt. biking trip, hopefully this summer.

    I have found a few good sites for topo maps of the various countries, but those were all paper maps, and I really want to integrate this with a gps on my laptop / handheld.

    The sites I have found are


    which has listings of topo maps for many many countries, all paper


    which isn't really a map site, but if you dig down in each country you may find links to the individual coutries geological survey department.

    So, is there a good source, on CD, for topo maps from accross Europe? Hopefully 1:25000 scale or similar, but lower resolution maps will do for a start.

    Road maps I can find easily, but the almighty google has failed me for topo maps, unless I am searching for something completely wrong.

    If I search google for

    Europe Topographic maps

    all I get are charts, and topo maps of the US.

    To find the two links I did find, I had to search for

    Europe hiking

    and then look fairly deep into sublinks.

    Surely there must be a good source for digital maps.



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    thats pretty good, Thanks MsMittens

    Hopefully that wasn't the first link on a google search or something and I just totally spaced on it.

    Still cant seem to find topo maps on CD, found road maps on CD, but no topo....

    Does this not exist??? Im going to ask their help center I suppose, thanks again MsMittens

    Does anyone else know of a good map site for Europe?

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    I've searched some Belgian sites for what you're asking for....
    The Belgian Institute for Geography offers what you're looking for (topographical digital maps), but it'd cost you up to 80 bucks/square kilometer :s
    Not an option, I guess...more something for professionals, I guess.

    Hmm... I guess this should help...

    The Alturion™ European maps contain detailed street-level maps of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The latest high-quality map data of TeleAtlas, the reference in digital mapping, include a wide variety of Points of Interest such as gas stations, car parks, ATMs, restaurants and many more. You can easily plan door-to-door trips in Europe and export these trips and maps from your desktop to the PDA.

    As for paper maps: Michelin is the standard here.

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    Thanks negative...

    I will check those out as well.

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