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Thread: NetBSD on PS2

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    NetBSD on PS2

    s0rry if this is old news, but i just had to share a laugh... wasn't sure if i should have posted here or humor section


    About NetBSD/playstation2

    NetBSD/playstation2 is a port of NetBSD to the SONY PlayStation 2.

    To boot the kernel, you will require a special boot disc from SONY. The PlayStation2 can not read CD-Rs. Currently, the only such disc available is the SONY Playstation 2 Linux distribution. This kit is now available worldwide. For more information, visit the official PlayStation2 Linux site. The PS2 Linux Japanese site is also of interest.

    NetBSD/playstation2 News

    2002-03-29: netbsd.1.5ZC(20020327) snapshot available.
    Install step.

    * Install PS2 Linux.
    * gunzip NetBSD install kernel and copy into memory-card under Linux.
    * edit p2lboot.cnf. This is my file. RedBoot is available from http://ps2hacking.sourceforge.net/dists/ecos/ NetBSD kernel can boot from RedBoot.

    "Linux on MC" vmlinux "" 203 /dev/hda1 "" Linux on Memory Card
    "NetBSD" netbsd "" 203 /dev/hda1 "" NetBSD on Memory Card
    "RedBoot" redboot "" 203 /dev/hda1 "" RedBoot on Memory Card

    * Boot netbsd kernel from bootloader.
    * Install. (can't share with linux disk.)
    * exit install menu. type "mount /dev/wd0a /mnt; reboot". install kernel (RAMDISK) read from /mnt/netbsd and jump to it.
    install kernel is also bootloader.

    Archive of NetBSD/playstation2 news items

    Supported Models

    * SCPH-10000, 15000, 18000, 30000, 35000GT (Japanese model)

    Supported Peripherals

    * VESA console
    * USB (ohci)
    * internal/external hard disk drive (wdc)
    * Ethernet interface (smap)

    Not Supported Peripherals

    * game controller
    * Audio
    * i.LINK
    * Memory Card
    * DVD/CD-ROM drive
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I have the Linux it at home...loads of fun, especialy when I scared my friends at a LAN party with it (playing Civ )
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    If its autors continue in this way, NetBSD will be bootable on a toaster soon. It's cool to think you can install an OS on nearly every computer which has been constructed for 5-10 years (or even more maybe).
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