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Thread: ARTICLE: What makes IE so fast (or slow)?

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    ARTICLE: What makes IE so fast (or slow)?

    I just found this rather interesting article about how M$ rapes standards again, this time the TCP-itself..: http://pix.cs.olemiss.edu/csci561/slash.html Here's a quote from the text:
    We noticed that when you entered a URL in Internet Explorer 5, its sequence of startup packets didn't look like the one shown above. Instead, it looked like this:
    Client                        Server
    1. Request ->                 Uh... what? Dunno what the hell this is. I'll ignore it, or RST.
    2. Oh, you're a standard 
       server. Okay: SYN ->
    3.                            <- SYN/ACK
    4. ACK ->
    5. Request ->
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    Yer IE only gets to cheat with MS servers though. Bring on Linux servers!

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