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Thread: Modem For Linux

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    Modem For Linux

    Hello , I recently installed Mandrake 9 and im pretty sure that the modem I have in my box is a win modem.Its A Harmony Multi-media Voice Fax Modem.Not sure on the chip set , but should i get an external modem ? Im not really sure how to get my modem to work.A few pointers will be greatly appreciated.Thanks..
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    Purhaps this is a winmodem. It is not necesarlly to buy an external modem. first look on the manufacturer site for a linux driver for your modem. but first look on the modem to see the type and the chipset

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    Ah, the dreaded linux vs. winmodem scenario. I wouldnt reccomend shelling out money for an external modem unless your absolutely sure there are no *nix drivers for your modem.
    Check the manufacturers website, they usually have them as *nix based systems are becoming more common. Then its just a case of installing them and setting up your connection.
    Hope this was of some assistance.

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    u can look for drivers to your modem at www.linmodems.org

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