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Thread: What header file should I use?

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    What header file should I use?

    When I write a piece of code in C i often ask myself what library should I use. Stdio or iostream? I will like to know your opinion releated with this problem or I will like to find out other libraries for reading from the keyboard and writing on the screen.

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    Read the documentation for the functions you use and it should tell you which headers are required.

    Seriously, if you're using C "open()" IO, stick to that. If you're using stdio "fopen()", stick to that (more portable anyway).

    If you're using C++ and want to use *any* C++ IO, stick to that (cin, cout etc)

    If you use a library like curses, use that exclusively.

    Basically, don't mix & match, it will only cause tears down the line, particularly cross platform.

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    that depends what you want to do, for righting text and organizing it i would suggest stdio, but using actual file io use iostream..
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    you may have problems using iostream with c because its for c++,

    funny though, i never tried including iostream in a c project, i just assumed it wouldn't work.

    http://www.digitalmars.com check out their runtime library reference.
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    It comes down to 1 thing, what language are you using?
    If you are using C, use stdio and scanf(), printf(), fprintf(), etc. That is a C library and uses C functions.
    If you are using C++, use iostream with cin, cout, etc... and fstream with istream, ostream, ... These are C++ libraries that use C++ classes.
    Good luck!
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