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    CCNA.. heh.... I took the 4 semesters in High School... we started with 40 people.. less than half of them finished the final semester... I believe two people took the CCNA test, one passed and the other failed.... I've been to lazy to do it again, + I'm doing it again at college now... how's that for a kick in the pants. They wanted me to pay 1000 bux to not take the CCNA courses again at College... So now i'm doing second semester over again.... Anyways the vouchers are definately nice.. Mine expires in a month, but I get another one next year.... I agree bballad that four semesters is nuts for HS... My HS instructor took the each semester in 1 week...a school here in town does the entire CCNA in 2 weeks.... I plan on doing it eventually.... so I must say everyone's posts have been great.. I'm forming a picture of what to focus on this second time around as reinforcement.....

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    Schools have four semesters of work for a CCNA..thats nuts...if you work in the feild that exame is cake, if you are knew it sohuld be 6 months of studying max.
    It depends on what kind of school and at what level you are...

    My school offers it 2 cisco semesters for one regualar semester. So... thats about 8 months or so. But... this is in addition to other classes... not just cisco alone. If it were just the cisco class... I could have finished it months ago.

    Its pretty cool though, for those people not in the field. You can setup labs and such. Play till your hearts content... where in a production environment... you can't. I work in the field, but we don't use Cisco routers. Its pretty interesting seeing the differences between the manufacturers.
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    for all of you cisco students out ther check out http://www.fatkid.com
    When I did Cisco training all of the students loved this site.

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    I'm taking CCNA through my high school. I'm only in semester 2, but if you want a good review of that chunk I recommend looking around my teachers site. Checkout downloads and links and stuff. It's educationalinnovations.com.
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    Ahhh a lot of info on CCNA .THANX

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    I would suggest the Cisco Press book ICND. (Inter connecting Cisco Network Devices) ALL of the CCNA is in this book. A friend of mine took one month to read the book and passed his test first try. 6 months later he is now a CCNP. I myself achieved NA then NP through bootcamps. They are a little expensive but think about it, CCNA in one week. CCNP in a 13 day 12hr per day excellerated training session. You cannot go wrong.
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    oooh....A lot of Links Thanx

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    anyone heard of http://certyourself.com/cisco.shtml may b it helps u
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    As a CCNA amongst others and an IT instructor (MCT etc) i dont usually condone the use of braindumps but if you already know the material which it soun ds like you do then they are great fro rote memorization for the actual exam.

    try www.braindumps.com as there some ccna dumps on here which do contain the majority of actual questions you will encounter to the letter. confirm the answers with your own study but most are correct and there isnt much change in the exams from centre to centre so you should be fine, to be honest it is quite easy ! it is the later cisco stuff that becomes a nightmare
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    Cisco has it's own router simulater. It is probably the most imporant thing in heling me pass the CCNA 2.0 exam. It is expensive but well worth the cost.

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