Hello, my name is BoskKraken...but you can call me Bosk. I am a lifelong lover of all things electronic, especially computers. I have experience with HTML, Visual Basic 6, VBscript, ASP, SQL, and C++.

Current Computer Work:
I am the Network Administrator/Systems Engineer for my schools Newspaper
I also advise my school on all aspects of IT

My Current Learning Tasks are:
Linux/Unix - Bought - Complete Reference series UNIX book

.NET - I have just begun playing with .NET Server 2003 as well as begun learning to program in VB.NET and C#

CCNA - I am currently enrolled in Sem2 of the Cisco Academy

My Computers:
Alienware - p4 2Ghz, 512RDRAM, g4 4400, Audigy
Dell - p2 450, 256 MB SDRAM, TNT2, Turtle Beach Sound Card
HP - pentium 133, 24 MB RAM, Orchid Technologies Graphics, Philips Rythmic Edge Sound
Toshiba - T5200, 386 processor, Unknown RAM, broken power supply

My Networking:
Dell PowerConnect 2016
CiscoPro Workgroup 16 port switch
Cisco 766 ISDN router