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Thread: ICMP and VB

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    ICMP and VB

    Hi there,

    I am an avid visual basic programmer (please dont kill me), and although i have searched far and wide i am still unable to find a way to utilise ICMP with it.
    What i would like to do is to be able to PING, etc, from a program made within visual basic. I was wondering if anyone on this site has seen such a solution, or any tutorials teaching the methods needed.

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    [url link=http://www.distinct.com/products/vit32/docs/vit40_07.asp]here[/url] (http://www.distinct.com/products/vit...s/vit40_07.asp) is an active X control that allows you to access ICMP... it even includes sample code.

    BTW: I found that by googleing for "visual basic icmp packet", it was the sixth result returned. Maybe next time, "far and wide" should cut a swath across google. *hrmph*


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    Nadir, planetsourcecode.com has a lovely VB implementation of The Ping Packet...
    do a search for Ping/Raw Sockets/ICMP ... you should get a few hits
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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