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Thread: Trial expire?

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    Trial expire?

    I have a simple question. I Dl a trial version of zone alarm and it is a nice piece of security software indeed. The question is, how do I change it from a trial version extension to a file that wont terminate? What is the trial version extension? Couldnt find it in regedit.

    PS im running win XP

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    The only way to extend the Zone Alram Pro trial (legally) is to purchase the product.
    Zone Alarm does offer a free version of their firewall with less functionality than the Professional version. You can get it at:
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    Algaen correct about purchase the product .. when u try ti upgrade the Zone Alarm to Zone Alarm Pro , the software Trial will expired in 30 days, the only way to make it won't terminate is purchase the product like Algaen said.
    you can get the Zone Alarm Pro at http://www.zone-alarm-pro.com/ if u want to buy it , or if u want to upgrade yoru Zone Alarm you can go and download at http://software.hwupgrade.it/articoli/691/index.html
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    haha, i always thought that a "trial version" expires after a certain amount of time then ceases to function. hehe, i am right?? pretty sure anyways.

    well, back to my story, at some computers i found at a school, there was a piece of software on there (dont ask me what it was for) and when you ran it, it comes up with a message saying that the trial period ended 1023 days ago... but the program keeps running like normal.

    i dont think it has been cracked but i just found that wierd and ammusing all at the same time.
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    Yes, some of the trial software is a little generous like that. In some cases I think they are relying on people getting fed up with closing reminder screens but from the wording of the reminders in many bits of trialware it is obvious someone made a mistake somewhere when it keeps working!

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    Winzip does that same thing, saying xxxx amount of days past expiration date.

    Another legal way to keep using ZA if it won't work is to set the Computer Clock back, like a month. Assuming you do not need your Month/year to be correct.

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    Maybe a guy changed the date of the setup of it to a much older and then ran a crack. There are programmes like DateCracker (i personally tried it but there was no use it was working only for few progz and the generous ones.) that change the date-time of the setup to the current date (most of the time-or for fun in an older date to show you what Propaganda saw).

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    I tried to roll back my date using some trial ware and all that did was prematurley end the trial time. I thought at the time that it was a clever idea...I guess not . your best bet would be to do it legitimatley. I have ZA pro and i truely belive its worth the price.

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    By purchasing the programme legally you will also have technical support and some other features that can be very useful. As you are registered legally.

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