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Thread: Proxy Servers and Protecting

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    Proxy Servers and Protecting

    I am trying to get into computer security, and using Proxy Servers. I have learned that you have the computer use the proxy to then filter the content going to this computer. But there are ways to circumvent this as always. Suppose I was using a filtering program such as "Bess", what would be a way someone could circumvent the filtering software, and what would be the way to patch something like that up?

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    Honestly thatís not the point of a proxy server. There are two main reasons to use a proxy, to allow multiple clients to access the web over one IP and to speed up website access through caching. It will allow you to filter out sites to access from inside the network but its not usually the best way to do this. What you want for security is a firewall to keep the outside world away from the computer.

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