I dont know about you guys but I get pretty sick of seeing the same old "Cannot find Server" error every time I try to view a page that is no longer there. So I decided I would change it, here is how you do so.

First off if you are going to a web page and it doesn't exist, you will notice what web page you are being redirected too in the status bar. It is a file on your computer, res://C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm#url, unless the server has custome errors. Now that you know what file is so dull, you can change it. The problem is if you open it in notepad then when you save it the file becomes corrupt, because of the binary data in it. The solution is to use a hex editor. BinEdit which can be downloded here.

Once you open the hex editor just do a search for "Cannot find Server" or any other error message that drives you crazy. You can then delete every thing between the <html> and </html>. Once you have done that then all you have to do is fill it with you coustome content.

If you are working in an older version of windows (9x/Me/Old NT) then you are done. Restart IE and test a web page that isn't working, example.

If you are working in a current version of windows (XP/2K) then there is more. Windows has a set of backup dll's in %system32%/dllcache, just go there and rename shdoclc.dll to backup-shdoclc.dll and you should have no problem editing shdoclc.dll . If you dont then once you change it windows will automaticaly replace your changes. An error message may come up when you save your changes, ignore it and do not insert the xp disc. Once you are through changeing shdoclc.dll copy it to %system32%/dllcache/shdoclc.dll just so that annoying error message will not show up anymore.

This is just a beginning to windows file modification, stay tuned for more, and dont be afraid of your os, just remember always backup!