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Thread: DLL files

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    DLL files

    IS there anyway to open or decompile or edit DLL files in anyway? Thanks

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    not really decompile them, but most DLL(s) that are assembled using VisualStudio can be opened to view the Strings/Files/Images/etc.. within those DLL(s) ...

    besides that, nothing that i know of...
    you could always try using debug or a hex editor...

    /edit ->

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    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    You may want to download and look at dependancy walker

    It is free. I think this will be of interest to you. It will alow you to open a dll and look at the functions inside. dlls can store icons as well. Interesting if you right click on a icon on your desktop in windows, click on properties you can change the icon, then you can browse to say C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and find the file shdocvw.dll, open it and you will find some icons.

    shdocvw.dll is a dynamic link library used by internet explorer, you can load it into your C program with loadlibrary. pascal and many high level languages use the function loadlibrary to load a dll into memory and access its goodies.


    Some dlls can have their functions executed with a program called rundll32, it can be found in your windows directory. Here is the syntax:

    rundll32 dllfile.dll,FunctionName param1 param2 .....

    useing dependancywalker find and open the file shell32.dll (shell32.exe in NT) located in your windows\system directory. Dependancy walker will let you view the functions, look in the list to your right for a function named SHExitWindows. This function takes one parameter, a integer and hapens to be suported by rundll32 so lets try, type this into a dos prompt:

    rundll32 shell32.dll,SHExitWindows 2

    Your computer should reboot.

    Try downloading Resource Hacker from http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/

    You can open dlls, this will give you another view of the DLL


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    Hey thanks a million very helpful guys i appreciate it

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