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Thread: A place for geeks with an Alternative lifestyle

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    A place for geeks with an Alternative lifestyle

    Hey Hey everyone....

    A friend of mine just launched a new site. http://www.gayhackers.com. It's dedicated to computer geeks who practice an alternative lifestyle.

    GayHackers.com is a website designed for all those IT professionals out there unable to fit in and relate to a crowd. We are a big family, we will help you take control of your life, and help you understand yourself in the process.

    Some of the highlights of GayHackers.com are
    Meeting New people, with the same interests
    Sharing of Knowledge and learning of new techniques
    You might find your true love
    Finally meet people with your same problems, where you can relate

    GayHackers.com is a community website, offering its services free to all users, to help nurture and expand peoples minds and relationships.

    We hope you will enjoy GayHackers.com.

    Muphin (webmaster)
    Thought this might be of use to people.... it's just starting out, but it could have the possibility of growing into a great community, that could possibly help out a lot of people.... It's nice to have common interests to bond over when you have issues in life to deal with.

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    yea i think its cool that people have a website they can go to to share common interests (like computer security on this site) but also when its a life style it means more to you, like for me, i visit


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